Electrical Engineer


Ecoation Innovative Solutions Inc., are doing our part to help the feed the future by assisting the world's growers through the design and development of robotics and AI systems, which detect crop’s health in commercial greenhouses internationally. During a very exciting period of growth, we are actively looking to expand our team!


Ecoation Innovative Solutions INC


The position suits engineers who are passionate about working in a high tech, innovative, collaborative, and fast paced environment. Those who can roll up their sleeves and get the job done flawlessly and timely. The ones who can aptly and correctly decide when to outsource. Those project-oriented professionals with methodical self-management aptitude.To bring success to our product development process, the role requires competency and expertise in manual prototyping, PCB modifications and fine wiring skills, reworking SMT and soldering small and large components, plus working knowledge of modern instrumentations such as mixed-signal oscilloscopes, DMMs, analyzers, lab instruments, and measurement/calibration tools and programs. Job Responsibilities . - Develop Micro-controller and Microprocessor based PCBs according to given requirements, specifications, and timeline. - Capture the Schematics, select components, create the BOM, calculate power budget, and conduct electrical stimulation. - Conduct mixed signal PCB layout including layer stack up, component placement, detailed routing rule setup, ground and voltage planes configuration, signal integrity check, low noise routing, and adherence to conformance, protection, and safety rules and regulations. - Generate Gerber and manufacturing files, and support PCB manufacturing and assembly. - Conduct board bring up, analyze, resolve, and document the design issues/changes. - Integrate the PCBs into the system, assist the team on system verification and validation - Perform other assigned electrical related duties.

Required Skills

Skills and Experience: - BS or MS in Electrical Engineering or related domains. - 5 to 10 years of experience in hardware design with successful delivery to market. - 5+ years of working experience in manufacturing and/or testing environments. - 7+ years of experience with Altium Designer and hardware simulation programs with top skills in: - Analog & Digital Circuit Design and simulation. - Schematic Capture and PCB Layout. - I2C and SPI Bus Implementation. - USB and Ethernet (POE) port implementation. - Familiarity with communication protocols and data rates. - Familiarity with Linear power supply and SMPS design. The ideal candidate will also have: - Experience in programming Embedded. - Experience working with contract manufacturers. - The ability to quickly fit in both cross-functional and cross-domain teams. - Skills in sourcing components and interacting with vendors. - Skills in implementing signal integrity, high speed processors, and EMI/EMC mitigation. - Good lab-work and problem-solving skills. Would be a plus if you have: - Experience in designing with FPGA and high-speed bus/memory. - Experience in designing high resolution cameras - Experience in designing with spectrometers and light sensors. - Experience in Python and/or MatLab. - Have designed, built, tested, and deployed complex automated instruments. - Possess enough knowledge of safety agency requirements and know how to design for compliance. - Have a proven track record of project or subsystem ownership. - Are familiar with ACAD and SolidWorks design processes. - Have a background in technical writing.

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